Network Security

Protect one of your most important assets -- your reputation

There are many horror stories out there about how small and medium-sized business owners suffered massive financial losses because of a network security breach, but it doesn’t just affect the business. It can seriously impact customers who entrusted their personal information to these companies.

At My IT Today, we offer a wide range of network security services that cost-effectively protect and maintain the security of your entire network, safeguarding the perimeter, critical internal assets, data, remote users, customers and partners. Our services comply with GLBA, PCI, SOX and HIPAA requirements.

A custom-designed Network Security plan from My IT Today includes:

  • Usage Approval - to specify what types of network activities are allowed and which ones are prohibited
  • Email Protection - to help minimize problems from emails and attachments
  • Antivirus - to help protect your network against threats like viruses, worms, and Trojan horses
  • Identity Recognition - to help safeguard the network from unauthorized users
  • Password Guidance - to help your employees select strong passwords and protect them
  • Encryption - to provide guidance on using encryption technology and protect network data

Schedule a free network security consultation with us so we can help you achieve your business objectives and protect your integrity.